Position Types
  • Upper-level management
  • Presidents
  • Vice Presidents
  • Directors
  • Any other title that indicates top leadership

Business executives describe their world as busy and demanding. In spite of this, they retain more control over their abilities and their behavior.

Character Traits:

  • less impulsive and more responsive
  • tests show their energy levels higher than the norm
  • make quick decisions
  • extroverted and outgoing
  • tend to express themselves more in terms of thoughts and ideas
  • above average self esteem

At Ability Plus, we have had the great fortune of dealing with many executive candidates over the years, where we have successfully placed them with companies ready to offer them new and exciting challenges.

If you are seeking employment, or in need of a change, and feel this job category best describes your current career objectives, we can help. Please send your resume to resumes@abilityplus.ca to start the process.